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Course Waiver

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Course Waiver Policy for MBA/EMBA Program

(a)Students should have a minimum grade of B+ (at least 60 percent marks in traditional system) in any course at the bachelor / graduate level for course waiver.

(b)Course waiver can be allowed only for MBA foundation level courses.

(c) A student can apply for waiver for a maximum of 8 courses (3 courses for Executive MBA program students).

(d) Students with a two year bachelor degree or pass course will not be allowed any course waiver.

(e) No waiver will be allowed for courses done in a diploma program or for courses done in a program not yet completed.

(f) The syllabus of previous program will be considered by the committee for a waiver decision.

(g) The decision of course waiver committee shall be final.

Application procedure:

1. Application for course waiver must be made in the prescribed form along with the copy of

    • Academic transcript / mark sheet and
    • Detailed syllabus of previous program.

2. Course waiver application should be made within 15 days after admission or before the course registration, whichever is earlier. If the student does not have required documents, the time may be extended up to 60 days upon request by the student. It should be remembered that students who will not apply for course waiver before course registration may face difficulty in course selection. Students who will not apply for course waiver within the stipulated time will not be granted any course waiver later on.